Z&A HUD Manager

Today's release is another addition to the small collection of free tools that exist because there was a little problem that needed solving and solving it with some scripting was fun.

In this case the scripting session was to solve a little problem Anna had: because she's a fan of mesh bodies and has recently acquired herself a mesh Bento head, she's suffering from HUD overload. HUDs for makeup, HUDs for skin applies, HUDs for controlling various aspects of the head, etc... All of them sat in inventory, needing to be added and removed, or sometimes needing to be kept on through an outfit change.

The issue of surviving an outfit change wasn't so much of an issue because she already used the Z&A HUD Locker. What was left was the problem of how to quickly and easily add and remove sets of HUDs depending on the job at hand. Last weekend, with a few hours spare, I set about making her a little HUD that would try and streamline the add/remove/lock/unlock process.

The result is the Z&A HUD Manager:

The HUD Manager (which is itself a HUD) requires the use of RLV and, for now at least, also requires the use of Firestorm or a related viewer (it won't work with the original RLV viewer at the moment for reasons I won't bore anyone with here -- but anyone who knows RLV well will likely understand the choice I made that means this is the case).

Full instructions on how to set it up and use it are included in the package and, because it's a fun pet project, I'm sharing it with everyone for a grand price of L$0.

Anna's already finding it very handy. I hope you will too.

You can find it in the free products section of the main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace.

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